Course Alerts

Course Alerts

Course Alerts

This page has been designed to provide flexibility for both the Grounds Department and Pro Shop to tweet up to the minute news on course happenings to our members and the public all year long.  This information may be accessible without logging on to the member only section on either a computer or mobile device.   These updates could include course closures, frost delays, course aeration. temp. hole closures, course maintenance, etc.  

Procedure When a Frost Delay 

Weekend and Holiday Procedure:

In the event of a frost delay AFTER 8:30 a.m. the Pro Shop automatically plans for a 10:30 a.m. shotgun, or later, if frost conditions continue to exist.

Weekday Procedure: 

If your group intends to play 18 holes we ask that you stay and play from the first hole on a delayed basis (in order of the tee time draw sheet).

If your group intends to play a partial round the Pro Shop staff will get you on the course when it opens. Should your play continue to the 1st hole the Pro Shop staff will accommodate your group, where possible.  However please note, you will not have priority on the 1st tee.


Note: The new tee time system will allow the pro shop to notify all members within a certain tee time range that would be affected by a delay with an email.  


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