Course Management

Maintenance Standards

In 2006 Uplands Golf Club formed a Maintenance Standards Committee that helped develop Course Standards on all areas of the golf course. The Course Standards now serve as a guideline for grounds' staff to condition the golf course, as defined by members, and to ensure consistent conditions throughout the year. The United States Golf Association uses Uplands Golf Club Maintenance Standards as an example of what a club can and should do to provide consistent conditions. The grounds department has an extensive up-to-date maintenance fleet that ensures all areas of the course are groomed so that players may enjoy a 4-hour round of golf on a well-kept course.

Cultural Practices

Uplands Golf Club has been proactive in providing great conditions throughout the year. Staff have installed over nine miles of drainage on the property. With this drainage, combined with regular sand top-dressing, members now enjoy greater ball roll on fairways. The Club has also taken advantage of new technology such as drill & fill aeration that drills 12 inches into the greens and fills each hole with sand. Greens play firm and fast year round.

Drill & Fills Aeration

Irrigation System

Uplands Golf Club irrigates the course with a state-of-the-art irrigation system by Rainbird. The system has individual sprinkler head control throughout the property and directional heads to improve water distribution uniformity. The use of the on-course weather station, along with soil moisture sensors, has seen a reduction in water consumption by approximately 35% after the system was installed in 2006. Some of the practices used at Uplands include a cycle and soak feature on each sprinkler; the use of wetting agents to improve water infiltration; light frequent applications of fertilizer and wetting agents.   

PGA Tour Canada

The Club has hosted numerous PGA Tour Canada events.  Each year the grounds department works with PGA Tour Agronomists to provide the very best conditions for tour players. The Staff enjoy on-course training with the PGA Tour officials, learning the latest in course maintenance training. The grounds department also has full access to all PGA Tour agronomic practices, standards, and training documents. This has helped to elevate course conditions at Uplands Golf Club and set a new standard for a finely manicured course for all golfers to enjoy.

Course Features

Uplands Golf Club has been working with award winning golf course architects Cooke Carleton for twenty years. This has kept the course current with architectural features such as greens, tees and bunkers. The course has the ability to create a challenge for tour professionals, as well as be accommodating and enjoyable for golfers of all skill levels. The Club is currently working on bunker restorations that restore bunkers back to their original size and provide a fair shot out for golfers: this is covered under Course Improvements above.

Tree Management

The course can be challenging and beautiful at the same time with more than 2,200 trees found on the property. Golfers can enjoy a round of golf as they play around the largest privately owned Garry Oak stand in North America.

We are the first golf club in Canada to manage and maintain a tree inventory with the Arborview Tree Management Program.  Each tree has been mapped with GPS technology. A database provides 17 attributes with information needed to properly maintain trees.

The Club also has a tree-planting plan in place that focuses on planting indigenous species when needed.  The goal is to ensure the character and tradition of Uplands Golf Club will be enjoyed by future generations.