We are excited to be hosting the Heart Tournament for the 43rd consecutive year!
The 2020 Tournament promises to be an outstanding golf experience.

The 2020 Tournament is being held on the following dates: 

Wednesday, July 15 - WOMEN'S 1:00 PM SHOTGUN

Sunday, July 19 - MEN'S 1:00 PM SHOTGUN

The Uplands Golf Club and its members have an impressive history of supporting community events and initiatives in Victoria.  While all of these endeavours are important, the signature event is the annual Uplands Golf Club Heart Tournament. 

This event began in 1978 and is the longest running charity golf tournament in British Columbia.  The Tournament supports the Cardiac Care Program at the Royal Jubilee Hospital and, to date, has raised more than $2.7 million for the purchase of vital equipment essential to patient care. This program benefits not just the residents of Victoria but also residents from across Vancouver Island.

Cardiac surgeons at the Jubilee have been unequivocal in their appreciation for the advanced technology that has been acquired as a result of our Tournament.  Their testimonials make it clear that access to such equipment has been important in enabling the Royal Jubilee Hospital's Cardiac Care Unit to maintain its status as a world class facility.

In the past, the Heart Tournament has comprised separate events for the Women, Men and Juniors. While the majority of the players, volunteers and donors are Uplands members, we are pleased that so many others from Victoria and up-Island join us in this important cause. The business community in Victoria continues to be a critical part of the Tournament’s success.  

Our members are proud to host and be directly involved in an initiative that has been so important to the delivery of outstanding cardiac care at the Royal Jubilee Hospital. The Heart Tournament is a key part of the Uplands fabric and it is an event in which every member takes great pride.

If you would like to learn more about the Tournament, please visit the UPLANDS HEART TOURNAMENT WEBSITE for additional information.